Friday, November 7, 2014

Murder on Plesant Drive:Based on a True Story

 Diane Beasley's Side of the Story in the Case of John Smith
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

You don't hear much about her, but Diane Beasley was actually the woman that was involved with John Smith at the time of his arrest. She was introduced to John Smith by a coworker who thought he would be a nice guy for her. She did not like him at first, because he was not really her type. He seemed nice to everyone. He was a workaholic, and he seemed like a generally good person, but he also seemed like a lonely quiet type of person. At the time he was working for a car manufacturing company.  After going out on their first date, Diane and John became quite an item, and the relationship progressed rather quickly.  John told her that his first marriage ended in divorce, but that his 2nd wife died of cancer. A month and half later, he proposed to Diane. Diane agreed because she felt like he could help her out financially even though she was not particularly attracted to him. She was determined to make the marriage last. It was not until she moved in that strange things started happening. First she saw a huge picture of his last wife Fran on the wall. She did not ask John to remove it because she felt as though Fran was a part of his past, and that he should keep it hanging if he wanted. As they settled into married life, Diane found that she was actually enjoying her marriage to John. He was financially well off, and this was good for Diane. However, she later found out that he had horrible credit, and that they were not able to secure a home loan. But, John explained it away and told her not to worry. Another strange thing was that he was obsessed with the computer. He would often shut the computer off whenever she came into the room. She felt as though John was hiding something. In November 1998, Diane definitely notice that something was wrong. John Smith did not have a checking account, and he did not want to get a California driver's license. It was apparent that he had a very dark secret. Sometimes he would become very angry and agitated when he thought no one was looking.  Almost a year later, in 1999, she was at work when some detectives visited her at her job.  They were actually FBI agents. The FBI informed her that his wife Fran did not die of cancer, and that his first marriage did not really end in divorce. They told her that John was actually a suspect in the murder of his former wives. They told her that they had disappeared mysteriously. Diane Beasley was completely in shock when she left the office that day. When she confronted John about what the detectives told her, he started to weave several stories about being set up by the FBI, and how others may have been involved in the murders of his wives. Nervously she tried to believe in him, until she received a letter from Fran's sister. When she spoke to Fran's sister, she felt that they were very sincere in what they were saying about John. She decided that she had to get as far away from him as possible.  Meanwhile the police were continuing with their investigation. They ended up interviewing John's brother Michael. Michael would not say anything at first, but the police knew that he was hiding something. Michael finally confessed to seeing the body of John's first wife, Janice Hartman, in the box. He told them he did not know the location of the box. So the police began sending out letters to different police stations in the hopes that someone might know something about the box, they got a phone call from the Indiana police. The Indiana police informed them that had found a wooden box in 1980 with a woman's skeletal remains inside. She became known as the lady in the box. They buried her in an unmarked grave. The police tested the remains and they came back positive as the remains of Janice Hartman. John Smith was then apprehended and placed into custody. At trial, facts about the real John Smith began to emerge. For starters,  he was carrying on multiple affairs online at the time of his marriage to Diane, and there were many other women in his past in between his other marriages. On July 19,2001, John Smith was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

Diane Beasley married again to a very nice man in 2003. John Smith was denied in 2010.
Fran Gladden's body was never located


  1. this has got to be the BEST lifetime movie ever...kelli williams is so believable and you feel instant empathy and Mr. Arkin is creepy enough and intimidating enough....

    four stars..RIP Fran!

    till 8. i m recording now on DVR, so i m goin to have it for life i hope. or as long as feasible.
    Murder on Pleasant Drive,a new jersey case that this guy john smith just murder her while healing her hip,and all was just sad,beyond measure. i m always,end up crying when i watch the ending of this great made for LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK and lifetime tv.
    Kelly Williams proving her great acting in the
    movie,beyond measure"so realistically great"and i cry when i realize,beside entire ending,the "music score"through the time the
    cop realize they"got the girl"body,skeletonize
    to the very ending,the music is fitting so good,and i cry knowing the daughter,wit mom sis,is so happy at "least"they got evil john
    smith the murderer,lock up for the 1st wife
    i think it was,but sad FRAN body was never even found.
    He should have by now at LEAST tell DINA where
    the mom body is,and he has not yet done so.

    beyond evil.
    the fact he also was picking up hookers,and
    stuff, just really a HORRID man, yet seem
    nice smart hardworking,he is disgusting,beyond
    belief.Make alot of people want to remain single.I can see why.

    Have to be SO SO careful everyone.RIP to fran.
    And the other victim.
    so sad.
    but GREAT movie,never get tired of watching

    Geena Romano on facebook
    staten island.ny